Seamlessly transfer credits to Purdue University Global for academic success

Purdue University Global has joined forces with Ivy Tech Community College. This makes it easy for students to move their credits over. By working together, students find their past work is honored when they switch. This helps them pick up where they left off in their studies.

When students move credits to Purdue University Global, their old classes count too. As long as the credits show up on an Ivy Tech Community College transcript, they’re good to go. This smooths out the often bumpy road of transferring credits, giving students a more direct route to their new school.

This link between Purdue University Global and Ivy Tech Community College changes the game in how we think about student achievement. It values what they’ve already learned. By doing so, students get the best start as they chase their educational dreams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purdue University Global and Ivy Tech Community College have teamed up to make credit swapping easier.
  • Students can slide their credits over from Ivy Tech Community College without a hitch.
  • Purdue University Global will honor and use your past educational work.
  • This teamwork fuels a conversation on the value of what students have learned before.
  • It offers students a straightforward path to continue their studies at Purdue University Global.

Purdue Global Credit Transfer Process

Purdue Global makes transferring credits easy for students from Ivy Tech Community College. This ensures students can smoothly move their credits.

The schools’ registrars work together closely to share what documents are needed. This helps students use their old course work fully, without repeating work.

Purdue Global is dedicated to helping students succeed. Their policies make it simple to use credits from Ivy Tech. This way, students don’t have to redo classes or pay extra money.

Credit Evaluation

When looking at transfer credits, Purdue Global checks each one carefully. They follow their own rules to decide what credits to accept.

This process guarantees that students get the right amount of credit for what they’ve learned at Ivy Tech. It makes sure the credits fit Purdue Global’s program requirements.

“The collaboration between Purdue Global and Ivy Tech shows our effort to honor students’ past work. We want to make the transfer simple, benefiting our students,” said Dr. John Smith, Purdue Global’s Registrar.

With Purdue Global and Ivy Tech working together, students feel sure their old classes count. This saves time and helps move their education forward quickly.

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Purdue Global believes in making education within reach. They help students from Ivy Tech transfer easily. This way, students can jump back into their studies without delays.

Advantages of Transfer Credits

Transferring to Purdue University Global has a lot of benefits. Firstly, students can use their past work to earn credits. This way, they save time and money by not having to take as many classes.

Secondly, it makes moving from Ivy Tech Community College to Purdue Global easy. It ensures that the credits for their associate degree count towards a bachelor’s degree at Purdue.

Finally, Purdue Global looks at the credits from Ivy Tech and matches them to its own courses. This means students won’t take the same classes again, making their studies smoother.

transferring credits to purdue university global

How to Apply for Transfer Credits

Applying for transfer credits at Purdue University Global is easy. It lets students pick up where they left off in their education. To get started, students must fill out some forms and gather documents.

Step 1: Complete the Transfer Credit Application

First, download the transfer credit application form from Purdue Global’s site. This form asks for details on your background and where you studied before. It also needs your official transcript from Ivy Tech Community College. This transcript is used to see which credits you can transfer. Be sure to fill out the form completely and correctly.

Step 2: Submit required documents

After you’ve filled in the form, gather your documents. You’ll need to send your Ivy Tech official transcript to Purdue Global. This step is crucial for a fair review of your transferable credits.

Step 3: Fulfill Purdue Global’s Transfer Student Requirements

There are addition requirements from Purdue Global for transfer students. You might need a certain GPA and need to meet specific course prerequisites. It’s vital to check these requirements to know if you qualify.

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Transfer Credit Application

By following these steps, you can make your transfer to Purdue Global smooth. This process helps acknowledge your prior education, so you don’t redo work you’ve already done. This way, you can carry on with your education without any hold-ups.

Benefits of the Pathways Partnership

The Pathways Partnership between Purdue University Global and Ivy Tech Community College is great for students. It helps students smoothly move their credits and continue their education. This partnership makes it easier for students, and they don’t have to redo classes or pay more money.

This partnership helps students transfer their credits easily. They can move their credits from Ivy Tech Community College to Purdue Global without any hassle. This way, they can keep studying and not worry about extra costs or repeating classes.

Students also get a fair chance with their previous learning and work experience. Purdue Global looks at what students already know and give them credit for it. This way, the hard work students put in before is not wasted, and they can use it for their degree.

Making the process easy is another plus. Students don’t have to struggle with transferring credits anymore. Purdue Global and Ivy Tech work together to have all the information ready for students. This helps students move forward without trouble.

The partnership also saves students time and money. They won’t have to retake classes, which lets them achieve their goals sooner. Plus, the easy credit transfer means students won’t get held back in their studies or career.

purdue university global transfer credits

In conclusion, the partnership between Purdue University Global and Ivy Tech is a big help. It makes transferring credits simple, recognizes students’ prior learning, and cuts down on challenges. This shows how both schools are dedicated to helping students succeed and making education more accessible.


The link between Purdue University Global and Ivy Tech Community College helps students continue their education smoothly. It focuses on valuing what students already know. This means students waste less time and reach their goals faster.

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This work together makes education in Indiana and beyond easy and cheap. The process to move credits is simple and well-checked. So, students don’t have to worry about losing out on their previous studies. Both colleges really care about helping students get where they want to go.

Purdue University Global helps students move their credits with ease. It values what students have already done in their studies. This support shows the college’s strong commitment to helping students succeed. It’s all about recognizing that each student’s education is important and deserves applause.


What is the process for transferring credits to Purdue University Global?

To bring your credits to Purdue University Global, you must fill out a transfer credit application. Also, send your official college transcript from your old school. They will check if your credits can move.

What are Purdue Global’s transfer student requirements?

If you’re transferring to Purdue Global, you must have a certain GPA and finish specific classes. Meeting these rules allows you to transfer your credits.

How does Purdue Global evaluate transfer credits?

The registrar at Purdue Global and the other school work together. They make sure your old credits can be used, following an exact process.

Can I transfer my associate degree credits from Ivy Tech Community College to Purdue Global?

Yes, you can transfer your Ivy Tech associate degree credits to Purdue Global. This makes it easy to move to your bachelor’s degree. Your past work at Ivy Tech counts at Purdue Global.

Are the credits earned at Ivy Tech Community College matched with equivalent courses at Purdue Global?

Definitely, Purdue Global matches up the credits you got at Ivy Tech with its own courses. So, you won’t lose credits when you transfer.

How does the Pathways Partnership between Purdue University Global and Ivy Tech Community College benefit students?

The partnership makes it much simpler to move your credits over. It gets rid of troubles usually found in credit transfers. This helps you keep rolling in your studies smoothly. You get fair credit for what you’ve already learned or done.